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RG is a 26 year old Canadian Hip Hop Artist from Montreal spreading his creative vision around the world. Known for his melodic rap style that he embraces on songs such as, X-Ray Specs & Control, his work has garnered the attention of Ugly God, DWN2EARTH, & MadeInTYO.

Transporting the listener to ice covered cities on songs like Pingu or providing wacky bubblegum trap inspired anthems on songs like Back at Work (Feat. The Good Perry), he always seems to go for the complete opposite of what's expected of him musically.

He has accumulated over 30,000 Instagram followers and his single, Swervin (Feat. King Reefer & Infamous Jay), climbed to over 25,000 streams on Spotify. RG has done collaborations with brands such as Hot Topic, TokiDoki, Good Mythical Morning, and more.


He began pursuing his passion of creating music in 2013. Around the same time he also founded the independent record label known as, Friendly Neighbor Records, which he still helps manage to this day. Creativity has always been his go to means of expression as he's previously worked as a photographer and fashion designer for some big brands. Throughout his high school days, he spent his time filming and editing countless YouTube videos and short films.


He's determined to achieve a larger than life sound and become the rap icon of the city.


RG - X-Ray Specs

RG - Back at Work
(Feat. The Good Perry)